Spiritual Mind Treatment is our form of prayer

“Treatment is definite spiritual thinking within ourselves, upon ourselves, about ourselves, to change ourselves.”

-Raymond Charles Barker


“Treatment is the act, the art and the science of inducing thought within the mentality of the one treating, which thought shall perceive that the body of the patient is a Divine, Spiritual and Perfect Idea.”

-Ernest Holmes

Steps for Giving a Spiritual Mind Treatment

Before beginning our treatment work, we must first decide our goal.  We must be very clear in our own thinking as to what we will treat for to move it into our lives.  If we are not clear and specific, then our demonstration will reflect in that same way.  We only attract what we understand.

We will need to state in the beginning of our treatment for whom we are treating.  “This word is spoken for me, (give your name)” or this treatment is spoken for “Mary Jones” or whomever.

Step One – Recognition

We identify our Divine Source.  “There is One God, One Divine Power, One Creative Action in the Universe, One Universal Spirit.”

Step Two Unification – Uniting ourselves with our Divine Source

Recognize that we are part of God and not separate from that Divine Power and Presence.  We are creations of God and we are expressing God.  We identify ourselves with God by a conscious, intelligent sensing and feeling of the Divine Presence within.  All that God is, we are.  “I am the individualized expression of God.”

Step Three – Declaration of Purpose

We express the good we desire as a “Spiritual Idea.”  We must establish in our thought a complete idea: definite, clear and specific.  Our declaration must be an emphatic statement of only what we want.  Our words must be spoken with authority and conviction.  Our words are directed into the Mind of God resident within us.  Our statements are made “in the now.”  We are living in the now and our demonstration of good must be made in the now.

Since the Mind of God knows only that which is perfect, whole and complete, we must state our desire as a “spiritual idea”.  We must totally accept this idea as manifesting in our lives as we speak our word in treatment.

Step Four – Denials and Affirmations

We make very brief statements of the denials of any fear, loss, lack or limitation operating within our conscious or subconscious mind.  We quickly make this denial and release any blockages that would prevent our full acceptance of our good.

Step Five – Affirming and Accepting Our Good

We must affirm and accept our good.  The word we have spoken in treatment is appearing and manifesting in our life right now.  We accept that our good, that which we desire is an accomplished fact; we affirm the good, the true and the beautiful taking place in our lives.

Step Six – Releasing Our Word

We release our word to the Law of Mind and the Law of Mind does the work.   We release our word knowing it moves in Divine Action to manifest in our lives.  “These words that I have spoken are now acted upon by the Law of Cause and Effect.  It is done.  And so it is.”