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Sunday Services:

June, 2017

Lessons on the Science of Mind

Sunday Morning Meeting: Everyone Welcome!

10:40 AM - Healing Meditation by the
Practitioner of the Week

11:00 AM - Sunday Meeting

Doors open at 10:30 (Everyone Welcome!)

June 4th

"Life Is Easy When You Know How"

Practitioner: The Rev. Veronica Wright
Speaker - The Rev. Wade Adkisson

June 11th

"Reflections Of A Religious Scientist"

Practitioner: The Rev. Theodora Parker
Speaker - Lynette Tucker,Prac.Emeritus

June 18th

"What My Father Taught Me"

Practitioner: The Rev. Joyce Jackson
Speaker - Dr. Greg Harte

June 25th

"The Creative Process"

Practitioner: Deborah Star Reed,RScP
Speaker - The Rev. Wade Adkisson

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