Monthly Treatment -- June 2013

I am a joyous expression of an Infinite Power and Presence. It is the One Life Divine. It is a wise, loving and caring Presence that supports me moment by moment. It is Universal Spirit that created me out of Itself and inspires me into a greater experience of life. This Spirit is the loving and energizing force in the universe that is always operating through me.

Today, I am empowered by Spirit within to live my life in a healthy and prosperous way. I move in a Divine Flow into a greater good than I have ever known before. I exist right now in the fullness of perfect health and wholeness as I am the perfect expression of the One Life-in-action. Everyday provides me with a fresh opportunity for Spirit to guide me forward into a great new adventure of life. In this moment of joyful anticipation, I await my demonstration of greater good. And so it is!

Wade Adkisson