Monthly Treatment -- April 2013

There is only One Life, One Mind, One Divine Presence. This One Life celebrates Itself by means of me. I give that Life an outlet for the expression of love, joy and creativity. I individualize the One Mind of God and have a divine birthright to use this One Mind to create in my life.

Today I direct this Creative Action of Mind to manifest peace and prosperity in my total being. My unfolding good is forever taking place as the Divine Flow of Spirit operates through me. I know the Divine Presence goes before me and prepares my way. Nothing in me obstructs my acceptance of the Divine gifts flowing into my life. I allow myself the freedom to express that One Life in greater and greater ways. Today I rejoice in all the good that is mine. I receive my good from everywhere and love through everyone. The prospering action of Spirit flows into my life right now. And so it is!

Wade Adkisson