Monthly Treatment -- February 2013

There is only one creative cause, one mind, one life, one substance, God. This present universe is the glory of God. It is a moving, flexible, fluidic creation. It is alive with life, the abundance, and the richness of God. I abide in prosperity. Mind created me in order that it might act through me.

I am receptive to its abundance. I am receptive to its circulation in my life in the form of money. Money is God's idea of circulation in my world of finance, I accept this idea completely. I appreciate this idea; I like it. Money being God in action is absolute good. It is a blessing to me, and I am now prospered with it. I have no fear of lack for I believe that I have plenty of money. It is God's activity in my world. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." I am now free in money. I appreciate it and I thank God for it. And so it is.

(Abbreviated treatment for money) Raymond Charles Barker