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Monthly Treatment -- January 2011

I face this New Year in a full realization that I have within me everything I need to create a truly new experience of life. Within me is an Infinite Potential awaiting expression through my conscious recognition of It. This very moment provides me with a fresh new opportunity to choose to move forward in this new me.

I am here to express my own God-being. I am here to allow Spirit to inspire me into greater and greater dimensions of peace, love and joy. Today I stand at the threshold of a new spiritual awareness of self that empowers me to seize this moment and venture forth into something fresh and exciting in my life. I allow Spirit to bring this experience into my life right now and for which I give thanks. And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- February 2011

There is a Power and Presence for good in the universe. This Power operates in, through and around me. This Divine Presence indwells me as a guiding light forever desiring to manifest only my highest and greatest good. My recognition of this Great Presence empowers me in a spiritual confidence to face every challenge in life.

Today I rejoice in my spiritual awareness of my Oneness with this great indwelling Presence. It is the great Creative Intelligence of the universe always at work in my life and creating by means of my thoughts, words and consciousness. I am aware that I am the creator of every life experience by means of the choices I make. Right now I choose to be in the Divine Flow of peace, love and prosperity knowing that Spirit is always expressing through me. And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- March 2011

In God, the One Mind, I live, move and have my being. Good alone is present at this instant, and God always knows what to do and how to do it. Therefore, there is in me no mental block to my success. There is only the intelligent action of a perfect God. This full action is taking place through me, and bringing to pass my freedom from all untruth.

The past cannot limit me, the present cannot confound me, and the future cannot cause me to fear. God is in me, acting through me, is my guarantee of success. I move forward into my expanded good, divinely directed to successful accomplishment. I rejoice in success, for I am success. And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- April 2011

Today I recognize my spiritual connection to a Higher Power. It is the Divine Intelligence that created all there is. It supports and sustains me under every situation and circumstance. I am never a victim of the world of human opinions, beliefs or actions. I recognize this Higher Authority as an indwelling Presence that is Absolute Good.

This day I declare my Divine Connection to the Source of all good. I sense something very special about myself. I realize that I can never be separated from the love, life and action of the Divine. I speak only of my good and express peace, love and joy in every area of my being. Perfect health is my Divine Right. Whoever touches my world feels this Truth and is thereby blessed by the healing energy that moves through me now and always. And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- May 2011

I am a loving and prosperous spiritual idea of the Mind of God.June I am at One with the loving, giving and creative action of the universe.June I live in a world of infinite potential, I am open and receptive to the Divine Flow of freedom and ease that brings about the prospering action of Spirit. This prospering action takes place in me, in all my affairs and it it manifesting through me in ever expanding ways.

I do not allow the world's opinions and beliefs in lack and limitation to operate in my world of being.June I reject them totally. I am at One with the wealth of the universe.June I am at one with all money.June I am a prosperous being in God's lavish abundance.June I now prosper in love, health, wisdom, right action and fulfillment.June I rejoice in the blessing of Spirit as they prosper me.June And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- June 2011

Today I awaken to a great new adventure of the true recognition of my Divine Selfhood. A realization that the One Infinite Power and Presence is operating by means of me, as me and for me. Every moment gives birth to fresh new ideas and the new unfolding action of Spirit for Spirit is always creating a new expression of Itself.

I take charge of my thinking and as I do I take charge of my life and what I am creating for myself. Each moment provides me with an opportunity for change, knowing that I am only one thought away from a new demonstration of life. I accept this change taking place in my life right now as I release all beliefs of loss, lack or limitation. I rejoice in my unfolding good and for this, I give thanks. And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- August 2011

Today I recognize that I am a joyous and dynamic action of the One Life, the One Mind, the One Power and Presence. This recognition is propelling me forward into a new realization of self. This One Universal Mind is all-knowing, all powerful, everywhere present. It celebrates life by means of me. It expresses Its love and creativity as It operates through me. I am created in Its image and likeness as a spiritual being, perfect, whole and complete.

This Universal Mind is the great Creative Intelligence in operation. Since I am at one with this great creative force, I am always creating my life. I choose and the great Creative Intelligence moves to create what I accept and embody and then out pictures it in my life. I now open myself to the greater expression of love and the givingness of Spirit flowing through me. Today I move into a true realization of the Divine celebrating Itself through me in peace, love and joy, and for this, I give thanks. And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- September 2011

Today I celebrate life knowing that I am a divine expression of the Spirit of God. I realize that God is my strength and the sustaining action in my life supporting my growth and forward movement. I recognize Spirit as my Divine Companion in life and in which I live, move and have my being.

Today I come of age in my consciousness as I accept and embody my true nature of Oneness with Spirit. I believe that this moment is the turning point in my life. I face my new life in acceptance of the Divine operating by means of me, and every moment brings with it a new spiritual confidence and faith. I know that my life is the Life of God in expression. I know that my mind is the Mind of God in operation and I am always divinely guided to my highest and greatest good. And for this realization, I give thanks. And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- October 2011

Today I am guided by the Wisdom of God in everything I think, say or do. Since there is nothing large or small to the Infinite, there is nothing in my experience beyond Its action. I affirm the presence of this Wisdom and accept and acknowledge Its action in my every endeavor. I permit It to guide me in every circumstance.

In this knowledge I now know how to plan my life and direct my path because God is doing this for me by doing it through me. There is no uncertainty or confusion. The Divine Spirit always knows what to do and how to do it, so I am never without guidance in the successful achievement of my good desires. My every thought, act and purpose is guided by this Wisdom. And so it is.

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- November 2011

Today I give thanks knowing that each day is God's perfect day. Today I see the glory and grandeur of the gifts of God operating through me and celebrating the glory of Life Itself. I see the gifts of beauty and love expressing through all life, knowing that there is but One Life.

I live as an ever-unfolding action of God expressing as peace, love and joy and I give thanks. Whatever I need, wherever I turn, the Divine Presence of Supply is there. I accept this reality now that I am a divine outlet for the prospering action of Spirit. My spiritual awareness of my connection of the One Power and Presence empowers me in my acceptance of the Divine Flow and Prospering Action of Spirit manifesting in my life--and for this I give thanks. And so it is!

Wade Adkisson

Monthly Treatment -- December 2011

Today I celebrate the Life of God within. I celebrate the Christ Consciousness that brought me to this spiritual realization. I celebrate the love of God that is forever expressing through me. I share that gift of love with all those in my life and as I do it returns to me blessed and many times multiplied.

I realize that I create my own life by my use of the One Mind manifesting for me as it operates through me. I choose the direction this Creative Action takes and I choose peace, love, joy and abundance. I rejoice in this moment for these demonstrations taking place in my life. I celebrate this joyous season of giving, knowing that the gift of life is God's gift to all. And so it is!

Wade Adkisson

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